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Study, Study, Study, and – oh Yeah more Studying!


“It does not matter where you go and what you study, what matters most is what you share with yourself and the world.” ― Santosh Kalwar

So as most of you know who have followed me from the beginning; I am here in Shanghai in the 1st semester of my MBA. I’ve posted plenty on my little adventures around China, but I thought I should circle back and tell you a little bit more about my classes….since I’m in the midst of the dreaded FINALS!

*Sigh* Why did I want to go back to school again?!

Anyway, it’s been a whirlwind – some classes are better than others by a kilometer- but super fun when all is said and done.

1st Class: Managing Teams and Leadership – loved this class! It basically introduced us all to the plethora of leadership theories out there, how to work in teams (plenty of simulations for this), and then we had to create our on Global Leadership Theory in the team we were assigned to. It was one week of sheer craziness, but I learned a lot.

2nd Class: Chinese Culture – this class was and continues to be so so. This class is essentially for us to learn more about Chinese history and culture (hence the title), but it’s a little lackluster in my book. My professor, while she is very sweet, really just has us teaching ourselves through power points, and gives little tidbits of information along the way. Cool but – well – a little boring.

3rd Class: Language of Management – desperately needed! Ah, my refresher of accounting that I took eons ago it seems! The professor is really giving us the basics so that we can build upon it later. While sometimes the information seems too basic at times, I’m taking what I can get, because the last time I even though about this stuff was first semester of freshman undergrad…need I say more?

4th Class: Applied Statistics – I. need. a. TEACHER! Don’t get me wrong, I can read a book, but without a Ph.D in this stuff, sometimes it’s hard to make heads or tails of it, which is why teachers are supposed to be helpful. My professor is a very nice man – he cannot teach at all. So in short – since my final is today for this class – I’m going to pray that what I taught myself is enough for this class.

5th Class: Management Analytics – super cool! I really liked this class. It was a one week crash course with a final at the end of the week, but it was awesome. I really enjoyed my professor for this one. He was passionate about analytics and he new his stuff inside and out. He gave real world examples and he basically set up his class to where he lectured and then gave us ample time for practice. I really wish this class had been a semester long.

6th Class: Strategic Thinking – love this class! The professor for this class is amazing. He’s had a lot of real world experience with this subject and he knows it backwards and forwards. His lectures are engaging and he really wants us to ask all of our crazy questions. Our class was split up into groups again and so there was a homework presentation in each class basically going more in depth on whatever subject he was about to teach next, which was nice. Our final project for him is to come up with a business strategy for a company originating in either the US, China, or India and going into one of the 3 countries as well.  This class makes me think and I love that.

7th Class: Global Business – a mystery (as of now)! This class is an extension of Culture class, but I really don’t know anything about the professor because I start this class today (November 27th here!). Essentially the class is supposed to give insights on how business is conducted in China. I hope it delivers.

So that is my class schedule, so far I’ve completed 3 of the 7 classes; I have 3 more final exams and 3 more final presentations. I’m now going to take a deep breath and go back to studying statistics.

Oh and before I forget! As an Ode to Thanksgiving – thank you all who are following my journey! Hope everyone Stateside has a Happy Thanksgiving!

Until next time!

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I'm not one to talk about myself too much, however I'm a certified nerd and geek. While I used to work at a large company in the healthcare industry, I am now a Global MBA student at Case Western Reserve University. I'm also an avid traveller, reader, and a writer. Last but certainly not least, I look forward to all the challenges that come my way (most of the time anyway).

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  1. Hi Tierra

    Hang in there! If you have any specific questions on stats, I’ll see if I can help (or ask my friend, who’s much better at it than me).

    Make sure you get up and clear your mind every so often; go for a walk, and exercise. Wow, I sound like Rie 🙂

    Take care



    • Thanks Scott! Really appreciate it! I studied as hard and as long as I could. Completed my test on Thursday and now I’m just waiting for the results.

      Hope all is well in the land of Oz! One of these days I’m going to come and visit! 🙂



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